It is our objective to have as little impact as possible on our environment and maintain resources for future generations.

The existing fabric of the house constructed in 1923 was restored with minimal use of new fittings and materials. This is a more efficient and conservative use of resources than construction of a new building.

When B.J. Waterhouse designed Silvermere he relied on ecological principles of the day to trap solar radiation in winter and exclude it in summer. This was achieved using the north facing aspect, thick stuccoed walls, shutters and verandahs. This reduces our heating and cooling needs. Instead of air condition all rooms have ceiling fans and opening windows.

18 solar panels adorn our north facing roof. Natural gas, is used for central heating, hot water and cooking. Our wood fire is mainly sourced from garden trimmings. 

Small tree and garden trimmings are mulched and used on the gardens to retain moisture. By maintaining our large gardens and trees we are also compensating for the generation of greenhouse gases from any polluting activities.

All organic wastes from the kitchen are recycled, composted and used on our gardens. Recyclable materials are collected by Blue Mountains City Council for reuse.

We harvest our roof water and recycle the spa bath water in tanks with a capacity of 90,000 litres. This water is used to irrigate the gardens and lawns. In the non-heritage parts of the garden we grow native plants with a low water requirement. 
Most of the stormwater which cannot be collected in the tanks is directed to the frog pond.

For these reasons we have been awarded a ‘platinum rating’ by Tripadvisor as part of their green leader program.

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