Self-Contained Accommodation

Self contained accommodation is available in the Maids Quarters, and the Water House.

The two bedroom Maids Quarters (located at Silvermere) has a small kitchenette with dishwasher suitable for simple breakfasts and reheating and serving take-away food

The one bedroom Chauffeur’s cottage (located at Silvermere) has a small kitchen including hot plates, an outside bar-be-que and a dishwasher

The three bedroom Water House (located at in a private corner of the Silvermere Estate) has a full kitchen, lounge and dining area as well as an outdoor bar-be-que area

Quality food products (butcher, baker, grocer, supermarket and speciality Asian grocers) can be purchased in Wentworth Falls village a short walk from Silvermere.

1 Lake Street Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 Australia
Phone: 0419 403 576    
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